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From towing your stranded vehicle to jumping your battery or changing your flat tire our tow trucks in Casa Grande are ready to help you.

Casa Grande Vehicle Towing and Roadside Assistance is Available When You Need Us

  • Car Towing Services
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Jump Starts
  • Dead Battery
  • Lock Out Service
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Flat Tire Services
  • Flat Tire Change
  • Tire Change
  • Auto Recovery
  • Move Trailers
  • Flat bed Towing
  • Wheel Lift Towing and Hauling

What to look for in choosing a reliable towing company?

Prompt Phone Assistance: You are not left with a voicemail, but a quick answer to a dispatcher

Prompt on site Arrival: Their on time arrival shows you are important and they take pride in their company

Knowledgeable of the Job: No additional damage is done to your vehicle during your retrieval

Courteous: They are understanding of your stress level and they aim to put you at ease with efficient on site vehicle assistance.

Professional: They offer quality assistance and top notch customer service

Safe: They ensure you and your vehicle safety to your destination or mechanic

stranded and in need of roadside assistance

Reasons To Use Our Wrecker Service

Having car troubles that leave you stranded, can be stressful.  Choosing a reliable towing service that you can trust is worth saving the phone number.  A reliable towing company needs to have the experience in auto service, have prompt and safe service.  

Arizona weather can be daunting and can be dangerous, especially during the summer.  Having access to a reliable and trustworthy towing company is important, you can be assured that our company will can provide that kind of service. Roadside Assistance that is reliable will make all difference in the predicament that your in.   

Having access to a towing company gives you the ability to get roadside assistance to get  where you need to go. Towing your vehicle to a mechanic that will fix your automobile troubles is a call away.  

Have you ever been in this stranded car scenario:

You are stranded and there is not another city for some miles.  You search on your phone for a towing service and start calling.  You need someone to pick up the line, but for the first two calls there is no answer.  Its hot and your gas can only last so long till the next filling station. Yes, you are desperate. 

Wouldn’t you want a service such as a tow service to be available for that call.  When you get a response that begins a trust for a company due to their immediate and attentive business approach. 

A Roadside Assistance Company has an obligation to provide courteous, immediate and professional customer service to their distraught and agitated customers.  We understand that you are under  a lot of stress and are looking to us to alleviate that stress. We provide a towing service that will get you back on the road again to your destination.

Our Tow Truck Company Staff

Our Company has the most Amazing Team!  Our Call Center Staff will promptly take your call and provide you with safety information and more importantly a towing expert to assist you at your stranded location.   Our towing staff are knowledgeable and courteous.  They will provide you with amazing and professional customer service that will bring down your stress level, because you are in good hands.  

You will feel at ease, you will feel taken care of and you will trust that you can always rely on us for any possible future roadside service needs.  Being in a predicament of being stranded in your vehicle and no ability to correct it, you need a tow service that can take you to the proper destination so you can correct the problem.  Let our tow truck service be of value and be that assistance that you can trust.  We pride ourselves in our work and want to offer the best service at the most affordable towing prices.  

Cheap Towing With Great Service

We offer affordable towing prices and quality service. Cheap towing does not mean bad service when you tow your vehicle with us. If you need a Tempe Towing in Tempe, AZ please visit Pick It Up Towing.

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Some facts and history of Tow Trucks

 Common legend has it that the first tow truck was pretty much born in the year 1916. Surprisingly it was probably built on a chassis of a Cadillac of all cars. It was probably a gentleman named Ernest Holmes who invented the first tow truck. Apparently his brother owned a service station. His brother apparently heard about a situation where a car ended up in the Chickamauga Creek near Chattanooga Tennessee. So if this is correct the great state of Tennessee owns the right to being the inventor of the much used tow truck commonly called a wrecker.
Mr. Holmes and approximately 8 to 10 other men went to help remove the car that ended up in the creek. After a brutal 8 hours working on removing this car from the creek  Mr. Holmes decided there has to be a better way. What did Mr. Holmes do? He came up with the design to build what he called a wrecker. He and an assistant  named LC Decker and Elmer Gross worked hard to build the first known tow truck.
Unfortunately after using the tow truck the first time it didn’t work as designed. He had bolted the tow truck onto the frame of a Cadillac which was built in 1913. It was not apparently stable enough to do the job when they first put it to the test.
 Mr. Holmes continue to refine his design which originated in 1916 and he was able to obtain a patent on his tow truck design in the year 1919. He began to sell wreckers which were mounted to preowned cars. Mr. Holmes is responsible for the first known wrecker or tow truck to be manufactured specifically for that use, it was called the Holmes 485.
This was the birth of the wrecking industry. They were originally called Holmes Wreckers. As we all know cars have become greatly abundant and the need for tow services is very distinct and widespread.
This first tow truck had a four cylinder engine and a crane which was mounted on the Cadillac with 120 inch span between the front and rear wheels. His patents is US patent 12554804 and was granted in 1917 in the month of November.
His business grew because he sold the tow trucks to repair shops as a way for them to bring in more business. He didn’t stop building at that point but he continued to build and design other things such as vehicle lifts, creepers and jacks.
Most people would never believe that the first tow truck was based on a Cadillac chassis!

AZ Valley Towing is a professional towing service based in Casa Grande and we service the nearby cities and rural areas. We also provide towing services on the main highways, I-10 and I-8 near Casa Gande.